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Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center 

washington state university

Rolluda Architects worked with Washington State University’s design team to provide programming services to identify, summarize, and document programmatic and facility needs for their new campus Multicultural Student Center. Throughout the months, RAI, members of the programming team, and the WSU Steering Committee, conducted tours, interviews, programming workshops, and presentations.

Through the programming process, the design of the new multicultural building was envisioned to be an iconic symbol and gateway to its campus. It was to be a space for peoples of intersectional identities to create and collaborate— to connect and share—a manifestation of “Cougar Culture.” This building was to be transformative in that it should change the expectations of what one will find at the WSU campus.

The programming team made every effort in researching, mining and gathering critical information from within the WSU community. We spent endless hours organizing and summarizing volumes of interview minutes, pages of workshop notes and diagrams, and hours of interview recordings into this programing document. It was our intent through this document to convey the mission, goals, and objectives of the WSU faculty, staff, students, community, and the Steering Committee.

“The Multicultural Building is envisioned to be a much-visited hub for the University’s Diversity Education programs, visitor orientation, and special cultural events. The facility will position WSU to capitalize on its rapidly growing diverse student/faculty/staff populations and celebrate the rich environment all visitors can expect to encounter when entering the campus.”


Kelly Keane, WSU PM

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Type: Higher Ed + Community / Cultural           Client: Washington State University

Location: Pullman, WA                                       Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

News / Press:
Washington State University's Multicultural Center Plans Revealed

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