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McCroskey Hall

washington state university

In 2012, this project upgrade included a roof replacement with 50-year composition shingles, a new built-in copper gutter system, flat roof EPDM roofing system, renovation of existing roof dormers, snow and ice melt system for roof and gutters, and exterior painting, all completed in the summer months when classes were not in session. In the early 2000's, architectural services were provided from pre-design through construction admin­istration for a $3.2 million renovation of the 1920 dormitory.


The renovation provides 74 beds and living space for International Programs, which occupies the lower three floors of the building. The 7,567 sf ground floor was designed to accommodate com­mon areas, including a student kitchen, lounge, dining services, espresso shop, recreation room, and laundry.

The mission of the renovation was to modernize the building for technology and comfort while maintaining the character of the historic residence area. The scope of work included the replace­ment of outdated mechanical, electrical and communications systems, new finishes, lighting and fixtures. Bath and shower rooms were also added. New windows were installed to maximize energy efficiency. Handicap access to dorms and common areas included a new elevator. Exterior improvements involved cleaning, repainting, and sealing the original masonry, and res­toration of the woodwork and trim.

Type: Historic + Higher Ed + Housing              Client: Washington State University

Location: Pullman, WA                                      Project Lead: Robert Hale (while at Kovalenko Hale)

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