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September 2013

Finalist for Excellence in Concrete Construction | Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association


Rolluda Architects was selected by the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association as a finalist for the Excellence in Concrete Construction Award. The project singled out for the award was the CRC Entry Court Amphitheater on the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia.



Winner in the Commercial Category | Inhabitat's Lighten Up! Lighting Design Competition


Rolluda Architects' installation, diTTo’s LED Acoustic Cloud Installation, was conceptualized and designed as a functional art installation for theater interiors or any areas that would require ambient lighting while contributing to acoustic absorption (e.g. restaurants). The faceted modules are made from flame-retardant treated abaca fiber, which because of its shape and composition has some properties that contribute to acoustic absorption. Collectively the modules create a freeform skin for acoustic sculptural art installations. The LED light modules on the installation's facets diffuse, wash, and reflect, creating a play of shades and shadows reminiscent of sunlight washing over clouds.

diTTo's LED Acoustic Cloud Installation-
diTTo's LED Acoustic Cloud Installation-
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