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Preserving the Historic Louisa Hotel | Northwest Asian Weekly


Bob Hale, of Rolluda Architects, explains the proposed changes.

Bob Hale - Louisa Hotel meeting_edited.j


Do Art and Science Mix? Lab Designers Give It a Try  | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


The Evergreen State College wanted to see if it could build a space that messy artists and fastidious scientists could share.

Alex Rolluda, Donn Stone, and Kathi Williams discuss the process that was at work for a 12,800-square-foot renovation on the second floor of the Lab II Building at The Evergreen State College.



Robert Hale Joins Rolluda Architects | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

Robert Hale, a partner in Kovalenko Hale Architects, has closed his Seattle firm and joined Rolluda Architects. Doug Schoolcraft, formerly with Kovalenko Hale, also joined Seattle-based Rolluda and will provide technical support.

Bob Best_edited.jpg


Forest HQ and Lab at OSU Becomes a Case Study for Wood Construction | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


Construction on the Siuslaw National Forest Supervisor's Office and the Corvallis Forestry Sciences Lab was completed in 2012, but the project has been used as a case study for its extensive use of wood. The U.S. White House Rural Council recently used the project to demonstrate sustainable design with wood. The case study shows wood can cost less, cut carbon pollution, and be versatile and renewable.



Best in State: Gold Award for Originality/Innovation | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

The ASM Robotic Painting Facility for 777 aircraft wings at The Boeing Company's Everett plant was awarded Best in State: Gold Award for Originality/Innovation by the ACEC.

Rolluda Architects served as the architect of record for the project. FSi Engineers served as the lead engineering team.

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