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Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) East Scheduled for Substantial Completion in 2020 |


Sound Transit's new Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) East in Bellevue is under construction and scheduled to be substantially complete in 2020. Rolluda Architects is providing interior design services (furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the architecturally designed spaces) for the project.


Image credit: Sound Transit



Filipino Community Village Breaks Ground | Northwest Asian Weekly


The Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) has broken ground on its latest $30 million expansion project.

Copy of FCV groundbreaking_edited.jpg


Bob Hale Among Historic Seattle Honorees | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


Bob Hale is named Preservation Champion by Historic Seattle.

Copy of 2019 Bob Historic Seattle_edited


Historic Louisa Hotel Opens New Chapter as Apartment Building | The Seattle Times

110 years after it opened and 50 years since anyone stayed there, the Louisa Hotel is starting a new life as an 85-room apartment building where those earning between $35,000 and $85,000 annually will create a new community. 



Alex Rolluda's Calling |


For some people, their profession is just a job, but for Alex Rolluda, architecture is a calling.

Alex Programming_KC Algona_edited_edited


Historic Seattle Recognizes 2019 Honorees at Preservation Celebration |


Preservation Champion: Awarded to Bob Hale, principal of Rolluda Architects, Inc., for his outstanding contributions to historic preservation in the Chinatown-International District, especially the restoration of the Louisa Hotel.

Copy of 2019 Bob Historic Seattle_edited


Evergreen Village Wins ABC Award for Tenant Improvement/Renovation ($10 million to $100 million) | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


Evergreen Village is an affordable housing community that serves senior and disabled persons.

Evergreen Villages_3.jpg

RAI New Hires of 2019 | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


08.07.19 | Nematullah Hassanzadah and Matthew Budinger

07.10.19 | Tanya Rolluda, Joshua Lamb, Karina Djaynurdin, and Houri Beheshtifar

05.15.19 | Craig Hanway, Vicky Pena, and Jasmine Seaman

01.02.19 | Pamela Aymar

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